Request for Proposals

VisitNorfolk, located at 232 East Main Street in downtown Norfolk, Virginia, is seeking a qualified general contractor firm to work with VisitNorfolk and the architectural firm Tymoff + Moss to renovate a 2800 sq. ft visitor center (Norfolk Visitor Information Center) based on the attached design drawings. 

Interested firms should respond with a fee proposal by C.O.B on November 14, 2018 to: 

Maria Herring, Director of Convention & Visitor Services 
232 East Main Street; Norfolk VA 23510 
Office: 757-622-6853 cell: 757-403-5801 

A. Project Description 

The work under this project consists of the renovation of an approximately 2800 sq. ft. front office reception area that was converted to the current visitor information center. Interior renovations include, but are not limited to, minor structural modifications, restroom renovations, interior finishes, custom casework, millwork, lighting, flooring, electrical upgrades, and technological upgrades. 

Exterior work includes, but is not limited to, structural modification to create direct street level/sidewalk access through the replacement of a window with an exterior store-front door to our city-owned building, awning replacement, fabrication of steel portal frames, raised flower bed, and brick pavers. VisitNorfolk is a tenant in a building and parking garage owned by the City of Norfolk. 

Visitor Center features: 

• Improved signage on exterior, improved accessibility and visibility from street level 

• Visitor information welcome desk & retail check-out 

• Retail display/Gift Shop 

• Charge Bar – Bar height counter with multiple outlet charging stations and iPad station for public use 

• Seating area for travelers 

• Meeting Room with operable glass partition wall 

• Brochure racks - incorporated in sections throughout the space 

• 2 Offices 

• 1 Storage closet 

• Window display of merchandise for sidewalk viewing 


Technology to be incorporated into the space: 

• Media wall (consisting of 4 flat-screens) to welcome conventions, run videos, showcase attractions. 

• Flat screen monitor placed in the front window facing out, images/video of Norfolk that could be played when the center is not open. 


B. Scope of Work

The Scope of work will include, but not be limited to, the following: 

• Demolition for remodeling 

• Installation of new storefront door - must match city specifications 

• Renovation of two 36 SF bathrooms to be ADA compliant – relocate sink, new flooring, walls, fixtures 

• Plumbing 

• Build out of two new office spaces and storage room 

• Build out of new meeting room with operable partition wall 

• Millwork of furniture pieces and installation of custom casework 

• Installation of new flooring throughout 

• Painting, wall covering 

• New lighting and electrical upgrades where needed 


Preconstruction Phase Services 

The General Contractor/Construction Manager should provide input to Tymoff + Moss during the final design development phase pre-construction to align the budget with the scope of work. The General Contractor will be responsible for performing the following duties including, but not limited to, cost estimating, value engineering, constructability review, scheduling, and construction sequencing planning with Tymoff+Moss during the pre-construction phase. This will include reviewing Tymoff+Moss’ proposed drawings, meetings with VisitNorfolk and Tymoff+Moss during the final design and drawing phase, and offering advice to VisitNorfolk to help streamline the construction process and provide recommendations on cost savings to stay within the budget. 

Tymoff+Moss will provide draft documents to the General Contractor. The General Contractor shall meet with VisitNorfolk and Tymoff+Moss to reconcile any questions. The General Contractor shall then submit to VisitNorfolk its proposed budget and breakdown of costs to include labor and materials. The final estimated costs shall not exceed the project budget established for construction. Consideration will be given for project phasing that exceeds the budget. 

Construction Phase Services 

The General Contractor shall construct the project pursuant to the construction documents prepared by Tymoff+Moss and in accordance with schedule requirements. The General Contractor shall hold all subcontracts and shall be fully responsible for the means and methods of construction, project safety, project completion within the schedule agreed upon, compliance with all applicable laws and regulations including monitoring compliance with all diversity participation, equal employment, and prevailing wage requirements. 


C. Project Budget 

The budget for this project in its entirety is $110,000 for Construction and Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment. Technology purchases such as the media wall equipment and flat screen monitors are excluded from this budget. General contractor should provide input to VisitNorfolk and Tymoff+Moss in order to align the budget with the scope of work in final design phase. VisitNorfolk, Tymoff+Moss, and the General Contractor agree to work together to keep the total cost of construction within the budget. 


D. Contractual Vehicle 

The basis of payment is the Cost of the Work Plus a Fee. The contract will be AIA104-2017 Standard Abbreviated Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor. 


E. Anticipated Project Schedule and Timeline 

Selection of General Contractor: November 30, 2018 

Contract Complete: December 21, 2018 

Preconstruction Starts: January 2, 2019 

Contractor mobilization: January 2019 

Substantial Completion: Late April 2019 

Project Completion: May 2019 

Successful bidder must be able to complete the work in the timeframe that is negotiated. 


F. Submission of Fee Proposal 

All prospective bidders are welcome to schedule site inspection of the space. Please contact Maria Herring to schedule at 757-622-6853 or via email at 

VisitNorfolk will accept written questions regarding the Invitation to Bid until November 7, 2018. Questions should be submitted via email and will be shared with all interested respondents. Questions and Answers from pre-bid walk-throughs have been included as an attachment to this document (See Attachment D). 

Unsealed proposals may be delivered electronically to or hand delivered by C.O.B (5:00 PM) on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Proposals should consist of the following information: 

• Company Name, Physical address, and Contact Information 

• Firm Point of Contact 

• Ability to perform the Scope of Work in Section B 

• Fee Structure to complete work included in the attached drawings and per Cost Responsibility Matrix (Attachment A) 

• Completed Fee Structure Form (Attachment B) 

• Rate structure for change orders/changes in scope of work 

• Firm references and experience with similar projects 

• Indicate general liability and other insurance coverage for the firm 

• Evidence of License in the State of Virginia and Equal Opportunity Employer 

• Provide estimated time of completion for project 

• Indicate approximate timeframe project can begin 

• Proposed schedule for onsite work (days of week, times of day) 


The following information is pertinent to this proposal process: 

• All proposals and accompanying documentation become the property of VisitNorfolk. 

• VisitNorfolk reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received. 

• VisitNorfolk will not be liable for any costs incurred in the preparation of proposals. 

• VisitNorfolk reserves the right to conduct interviews with a short-listed group of contractors. VisitNorfolk also reserves the right to select a contractor without the interview process. 

• VisitNorfolk reserves the right to amend or cancel the Invitation to Bid. 

• The submission of a proposal shall be prima facie evidence the proposed contractor has full knowledge of the scope, nature and quality of the work performed. 

• Proposals submitted may be subject to public inspection in the accordance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, trade secrets or propriety information must be clearly identified to prevent their disclosure. 


G. Selection Criteria 

Selection of the General Contractor Firm for the renovation will take into consideration the following criteria: 

• Previous projects completed for the City of Norfolk or previous IDQ with the City of Norfolk 

• Experience of the firm in dealing with projects of the same or similar scope as the proposed project 

• Fee structure to be charged by the offeror 

• Grading criteria and final selection at the full discretion of VisitNorfolk 


H. Attachments 

• Attachment A: Cost Responsibility Matrix 

• Attachment B: Fee Structure Form 

• Attachment C: Architect Drawings 

• Attachment D: Pre-Bid Questions & Answers 


I. Reference Information 

About VisitNorfolk & The Visitor Information Center: 

VisitNorfolk is a private, non-profit corporation 501 (c) (6) and is the official tourism promotion agency for the City of Norfolk and the primary sales and marketing entity for business and leisure travel to the city. Our mission includes generating economic impact and job growth by increasing the area’s hotel occupancy and revenues. We attract ethnically diverse regional, national and international leisure and convention customers. Norfolk’s Visitor Information Center is a state-certified visitor center with the mission of increasing visitor volume, enhancing the length of stay and increasing visitor spending. The Visitor Information Center provides travel counseling including suggestions for attraction and tour itineraries, directions and maps, restaurant recommendations, free Wi-Fi, and public restrooms. In addition, our Mermaid Market sells unique, local artisan merchandise and gifts and HRT products. Our customers include tourists, local residents, and hospitality & community partners. Historically, the Visitor Information Center operated in Ocean View off of Interstate 64; however, we relocated in 2015 to the reception/lobby area of VisitNorfolk’s administrative offices in order to be in the center of the city’s arts, dining, and entertainment district. 

Our Customer: Visitors - Leisure travelers, convention attendees, international travelers, cruise passengers Local Residents - residents of Norfolk and neighboring cities Hospitality & Community Partners 

Services Offered: Norfolk’s state-of-the-art interactive Visitor Center provides diverse services to visitors, conventioneers, and local residents provided by expert Visitor Information Specialists: 

• Personalized service from destination experts 

• Regional travel counseling 

• Information dissemination - Brochures, maps, local publications 

• Norfolk Gift Shop- Local and handcrafted merchandise, apparel items, HRT Go-Passes and VDOT EZ Pass 

• Public Restrooms and Complimentary Wi-Fi 

• Support to the local cruise industry and cruise passengers