Don't let your vacation days go to waste.

Everyone deserves a getaway! We decided to help you out and give you 10 reasons why you should spend those hard-earned vacation days in Norfolk, VA!

1. There’s a lot of new stuff happening here. Waterside District opened last summer and there you can nosh on fresh oysters from the Rappahannock Oyster Company, brisket or ribs at Guy Fieri’s Smokehouse, homemade fudge from The Fudgery or sip on a brew at Blue Moon Taphouse.

2. Check out The NorVa theatre downtown, dubbed one of the nation’s best live music venues by Rolling Stone magazine. Roll into the later hours of the night with dancing at one of the downtown clubs; or catch live music at Gershwins, Hell’s Kitchen and more! Crowd surfing optional.

3. Swimming. Boating. Kayaking. All types of fishing. Sailing. Sunset cruising! There’s water everywhere in Norfolk, and more than enough opportunities to enjoy it. So whether you want to be in it, on it or just take in the view, you’re in the right place.

4. If you just like looking at huge aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, submarines and historic battleships this is the place. Welcome to the world’s largest Naval installation. Two-hour base cruise tours leave three times daily from the downtown waterfront or head over to Naval Station Norfolk and enjoy a narrated bus tour of the base. Hooyah!

5. Shop til you drop! Norfolk Premium Outlets opened last year and houses stores such as Banana Republic, Coach, Gap Outlet, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren and more. Don’t forget MacArthur Center in downtown Norfolk, antique shopping in historic Ghent or the shops in Selden Market and along Granby Street!

6. Norfolk’s craft beer culture is hopping with seven great breweries, gastropubs all over, and one of the country’s best craft beer bars. To make the wine drinkers happy, we even have our own urban winery now. So put a cork in it! Looking for some tasty eats after a night out? Check out the Barrel Room or Brick Anchor Brew House on Granby.

7. It’s fun to learn how to pronounce Norfolk like the locals. Right now, you are probably calling it “Nore-folk.” We understand. Everybody does that. The locals, you should know, pronounce it “Naw-fok.” That second syllable can be kinda’ tricky, so be careful with it. Or not.

8. Legend has it that Abe Doumar invented the first waffle cone in Norfolk in 1904. A gabillion tons of ice cream and scores of imitators, impersonators and false claims later, you can still have the World’s Original Waffle Cone at Doumar’s in Norfolk. Rolled right in front of your eyes on the original four-iron waffle machine.

9. What can you see in Norfolk that you can’t see anywhere else? Automobile heir Walter P. Chrysler Jr.’s incredible fine art collection for one. And one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive collections of art glass and rare Tiffany for another. It’s all inside the Chrysler Museum of Art, and you can be, too. Check out the glass blowing studio and NEON Arts District while you’re in the area!

10. Why are there Mermaid statues and Mermaid pictures and Mermaid things and Mermaid places all over Norfolk? Any seafaring maritime culture worth its salt knows that if you believe in mermaids, you’ll always be protected. Norfolk is still standing after almost 400 years, so thanks to those Mermaids, it’s still a really great place to visit!