Seafood lovers, rejoice! Summertime cuisine is here, and Norfolk has real deal raw bars offering your seasonal favorites. Fresh oysters. Succulent shrimp. Crab anyone? Now’s the time to satisfy those seafood cravings. Dive into the following local raw bars for fresh seafood all summer long.

  1. Saltine – Located at street level in the new Hilton Hotel The Main, Saltine offers the region’s finest fresh seafood in an airy space that’s both sophisticated and chic. The locally sourced menu invites you to savor the seasonal shellfish, seafood and spirits.
  2. Rappahannock Oyster Co. – In the new Waterside District, you’ll find Rappahannock Oyster Co. Originating in Topping, Virginia, Rappahannock is recognized for its flavorful cuisine, family history and sustainable oyster farming practices. In fact, the company’s mission is to provide “good food grown well.”
  3. Shiptown – The newly opened Shiptown is a seafood lover’s dream destination. A sister restaurant to LeGrand Kitchen, one of Norfolk’s finest, Shiptown is an old-school oyster bar and seafood restaurant that works with local oystermen and fisherman to bring you the very freshest catch.
  4. A.W. Shucks – At A.W. Shucks, you’ll find all the seafood you’re craving. Their outstanding oyster selection offers a variety of seasonal options, all fresh, fresh, fresh! A.W. Shucks has a great porch to sit out on, inviting you to enjoy the warm weather, great seafood and a cool beverage.
  5. Captain Groovy’s Grill & Raw Bar – Located in Norfolk’s East Beach, down by the Chesapeake Bay, this laid-back, wharf-themed eatery offers regional raw bar items and seafood dishes. You’ll find fresh seafood with a good vibe and great specials, offered seven days a week.
  6. Norfolk Seafood Company: Big Easy Oyster Bar – “Seafood, plain and simple.” Norfolk Seafood Company in Downtown Norfolk is where seafood lovers find traditional seafood items without the fancy ingredients and inflated prices. And downstairs from Norfolk’s Seafood Co., you’ll find Big Easy Oyster Bar, offering all your raw favorites. 
  7. Small’s Smokehouse + Oyster Bar – Small’s Smokehouse offers phenomenal BBQ and an impressive array of oysters from the Eastern Shore. All oysters served at Small’s have been hand shucked and are always fresh.
  8. 456 Fish – This Downtown Norfolk corner bistro offers refined seafood and cocktails. Their stellar seafood menu has everything you’re looking for, including oysters, shrimp and fish!