Glass Wheel Studio
April 7 – May 22

Glass Wheel Studio, a contemporary art facility in the heart of the Norfolk arts district, announces the launch of two new exhibitions that explore the interconnected relationships between humans and critically-endangered animals.

On view April 7 – May 22, the exhibitions will feature works by Washington-based artist, Kelly O’Dell and Hampton Roads-based artist, April Taylor-Martin.

Known for her exquisite, hot-sculpted glass forms, O’Dell’s newest body of work, Critical Masse challenges not only her skills but also the role humans play in animal extinction. The exhibition showcases 13 animal busts executed in clear, white and mirrored glass. Each animal becomes a ghostly memento of all we stand to lose if we do not take actions to protect these magnificent creatures. O’Dell will donate ten percent of her artwork sales to the World Wildlife Fund.

“Kelly’s glass sculptures are delicate representations of animals whose impending extinction deserves our full attention,” said Cheryl White, Glass Wheel Studio director. “We can no longer overlook the impact humans continue to have on species with which we share the same planet.”

Taylor-Martin hopes to draw a line from our distant past and plot a trajectory for a more positive future. Her exhibition Beyond the Pale: Conjuring New Worlds includes paintings, ceramics and interactive pieces, such as zoetropes and thaumatropes, that enable viewers to participate in the re-animation of species long extinct or see the fate awaiting many others. Her works also highlight wilderness warriors who have made contributions to the protection of endangered species.

“April’s work employs mythological and personal archetypes to tell the story of human and animal co-existence,” added White. “Visitors are asked to participate in the art driving home the direct influence that humans assert over other species.”

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About Glass Wheel Studio: A contemporary art facility located in a renovated 8,500-square-foot space, Glass Wheel Studio features two rotating galleries and artist studios. Through stimulating exhibitions and an active Studio Artist Program, Glass Wheel Studio aims to cultivate a deep appreciation for contemporary art in glass and beyond. It serves as an incubator for extraordinary ideas and encourages artists across all disciplines to pursue and elevate their craft.  (Photo by Ed Pollard)