A Tasty Tour For Seafood Lovers

There’s no better place to take in a spectacular view of the blue sea, clear sky and ships sailing past the marina than the Oceanview Pier in Norfolk.

Crab Feast - Norfolk, VACrab Feast 2014, from Coastal Food Tours, Virginia, offers a chance to experience crab in its most traditional form in the ideal setting, the Oceanview Pier Restaurant. The “Crab Class” will teach participants the intricacies of crab season, different kinds of crab and even the history of crabbing in the Hampton Roads region.

Then, at tables covered with newspaper like traditional chefs, guests will take wooden mallet in hand and learn how to retrieve the best crab meat. Real crab pickers will be on hand to demonstrate the best ways to break through to find the sweetest, most flavorful meat.

The meal will be served buffet style with time after dessert for guests to enjoy the view, walk along the beach or explore the pier.

Situated in a scenic location on the bay, the Pier features a tackle shop, banquet hall and of course a full-service restaurant serving the freshest local seafood caught daily just outside the door. Fresh crab is the Oceanview Pier restaurant’s star feature, served in everything from dip to sandwiches to signature crab cakes.

Fore More Information: www.coastalfoodtours.com

NOTES: Crab Feast tours can accommodate up to 130 guests outdoors and 70 inside the restaurant.  It is a 1.5-2.5 hour experience depending on after dinner activities.  Recommended timing is during crab season: summer to early fall.  Live music and full dinner with alcohol can be included.  Prices range from $38-$65 per person all inclusive.