NORFOLK, Va. – (July 19, 2012) – In the spirit of celebrating mermaids, VisitNorfolk encourages mermaid enthusiasts and curious visitors alike to learn more about Norfolk’s connection to mermaids through the website Mermaids on Parade.

Visitors can also explore the city and visit mermaid statues, each designed and created by individual artists. An online photo gallery and map illustrate the name and location of mermaid statues and can be found.

The recent “mermaid mania” began several months ago after the airing of the Animal Planet TV show “Mermaids: The Body Found.” The show, which aired as part of the Discovery network’s annual “Monster Week,” made believers out of many viewers. In response to the faux-documentary, NOAA felt a response was needed to address the accusation that mermaids exist. (READ NOAA RESPONSE)

“People who have an interest in mermaids will enjoy learning about Norfolk’s connection with these mythical creatures. Something else here,” said Donna Allen, vice president of sales & marketing.”

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