‘Sail Into Savings’ Promotion Offers Tiered Reward Program for Planners Who Book in 2009 for Meetings and Conventions Taking Place through 2010

Norfolk, VA (March 3, 2009) - The Norfolk Convention & Visitors Bureau (NCVB) today launched a comprehensive promotion,SAIL INTO SAVINGS, which offers meeting planners who book in 2009 with the opportunity to receive a credit of up to $10,000 toward any meeting or convention taking place in Norfolk through March 2010. Through this unprecedented offer, the city of Norfolk, already a popular choice for its outstanding facilities, ample hotel rooms, central East Coast location and budget-friendly attractions, is taking some of the pressure off meeting planners facing shrinking budgets this year.

“In these difficult times, we recognize the need to stimulate business and assist meeting professionals with their budgetary concerns,” said Donna Allen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the NCVB. “This program will benefit both our hospitality partners and meeting professionals and further strengthen the Norfolk brand.”

The CVB is now offering groups $1000 – $10,000 credit per meeting to their master account dependent upon the number of peak room nights the group books. Groups booking multi-year events (2009 and 2010) will receive credit for both meetings which could equal up to $20,000.

Meetings booked in 2009 which actualize prior to March 31, 2010, will receive 100% of the outlined credit. Meetings booked in 2009 which actualize April 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010 will receive 50%.

Credit Peak Rooms
$500 100 – 200 peak rooms
$1,000 201 – 300 peak rooms
$1,500 301 – 400 peak rooms
$2,500 401 – 500 peak rooms
$5,000 501 – 750 peak rooms
$7,500 751 – 1000 peak rooms
$10,000 1001+ peak rooms

While the new promotion is reason in of itself to choose Norfolk, Virginia for any upcoming meeting, the destination is also home to a slew of interesting venues, with space compatible for every type of event.

Located within less than a day’s drive from most major East Coast cities and just minutes from Norfolk International Airport, the city is home to famed cultural centers, historic theaters, museums, zoo and river cruises – many of which double as alternative meeting venues, adding a little flair to upcoming events. For those meetings and events that require a more traditional space, the destination’s downtown hotels and convention center offer the ideal setting. Hotels in Norfolk provide more than 5,000 rooms for visitors and many are located near the downtown waterfront, such as the Norfolk Waterside Marriott and the recently renovated Sheraton Norfolk Waterside.

For more details on the NCVB’s SAIL INTO SAVINGS promotion, contact the NCVB sales department at 800-368-3097 or visit www.visitnorfolktoday.com.