New Music Video About Norfolk is “A Love Song to My Home Town”

When local musician and entrepreneur Skye Zentz was challenged to write a song about a place, it didn’t take long for her to settle on where she wanted to sing about.

“I’d written about people and feelings but I’d never written a song about a place,” said Skye by phone from somewhere in the city that has always been her home. “So I said, okay, I’ll write a love song about my home town.”

When local video producer Jon Abrahams first heard the song he almost immediately began to see the potential for a video tribute to the city.

“The subject matter seemed so easily relatable,” said Jon, co-owner and creative director for Jpixx, a local media company. “It’s a song people can feel they are a part of and take pride in. Something the city can make its own.”

Nine months and a lot of volunteer work by people from across the city and “The Tide” video has been released to excitement and wide acclaim.

“The city of Norfolk is an amazing place to live, work and hang out,” Says Jon. “Giving the city something that brings that all together makes us proud.”

So what does the city of Norfolk mean to the performer who started it all?

“First and foremost it’s home,” says Skye with a smile. “It’s a place where art can thrive, and I love how vibrant and diverse this area is. I wanted to say it in a song.”

So you did. Thank you, Skye.

(To find out more about Skye including where to catch her live, visit her WEBSITE.)


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