Sail Norfolk Sails in a Fleet of Tall Ships to the

41st Annual Norfolk Harborfest


Norfolk’s Festevents is thrilled announce that Sail Norfolk, the tall ship and maritime division of Festevents, will be welcoming a remarkable fleet of tall ships to the 41st Annual Norfolk Harborfest. The city’s signature harbor celebration takes place Friday, June 9, through Sunday, June 11, 2017, at Town Point Park along the gorgeous Downtown Norfolk Waterfront.


The highly anticipated Harborfest is how the Norfolk community welcomes the summer season, bringing locals together to enjoy the nation’s largest, longest-running, FREE maritime celebration. The festival sets sail Friday, June 9, with the Parade of Sail, which will include tall ships, Navy ships, character vessels, antique and classic wooden boats, military vessels, tugs and more! There will be incredible photo opportunities and international education experiences. This family-friendly weekend is loaded with free activities and fun for all.


Want to watch the show from your boat on the water? Here’s how:


  • Public Docking: All docking on the Downtown Norfolk Waterfront is on a reservation basis only, except for short-term dinghy docking at designated locations on the Norfolk waterfront. Time limits (no overnight docking) and size limits (16’ or smaller) apply.

                                -Docking in the Hospital Point Anchorage on the Elizabeth River across from Town Point Park will be free and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

                                -A water taxi service will be available for boaters at anchorage with transportation to both the Norfolk and Portsmouth Downtown waterfronts. Rates of the day will apply.

*Visit https://festevents.orgfor updates on the event, along with other upcoming Festevent events.


This year’s festival will feature the following ships:


  • USCGC EAGLE- USA: This majestic sailing ship was built in Germany in 1936 and was recommissioned by the United States at the close of World War II. Maneuvering the Eagle under sail involves handling more than 22,000 square feet of sail and five miles of rigging.
  • ESMERALDA-Chile: Originally, the Esmeralda was intended to be used as a sail training ship for the Spanish Navy. In 1951, as the ship was still being built, Esmeralda was handed to Chile as part of debt repayment for assistance provided by Chile during the Spanish Civil War.
  • GUAYAS-Ecuador: This ship serves as a training ship for the Ecuadorian Navy. Built in 1977, the ship features a three-masted barque with a steel hull. Guayas has sailed over 375,000 miles and has visited over 25 countries!
  • LA UNIÓN-Peru: This is the newest tall ship of South America, making its first appearance in Norfolk. Built in 2014, La Union is a Peruvian Navy training vessel. The ship features an auditorium, library, computer lab and various classrooms.
  • EL GALEÓN-Spain: Welcome this ship as it makes its first appearance in Norfolk. El Galeon is a full-scale replica of a 16th century Spanish, with five of the six decks available for tour.
  • SUSAN CONSTANT-Jamestown Settlement, VA: She is the largest of three ships of the English Virginia Company on the 1606-1607 voyage that resulted in the founding of Jamestown in the new colony of Virginia.
  • VIRGINIA- Norfolk, VA: The original schooner Virginia was commissioned by the Virginia Pilots Association and designed by naval engineers Cox and Stevens. Virginia served actively as a pilot vessel during World War I.