2014 STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® US Pro & Collegiate Championships June 20-22
Norfolk Scope Arena
June 20 - Pro & College Qualifier Rounds 12pm-7pm
June 21 - US Professional Championships 5pm-8pm
June 22 - US Collegiate Championships & Relay Events 2pm-6pm

The top U.S. lumberjack athletes are coming to Norfolk, Va. this summer.

The 2014 STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® U.S. Pro and Collegiate Championships will take place from June 20 to 22 at the Norfolk Scope Arena, where fans will see 28 athletes compete in the most exciting chainsaw and axe competitions in the country. The three-day event will feature hours of thrilling STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® action.

Friday June 20th: The Pro and Collegiate Qualifier Rounds will take place from 12 to 7 p.m., and will feature 16 professional lumberjack athletes competing for eight spots in the U.S. Pro Championship, and 12 collegiate athletes competing for six spots in the Collegiate Championship.

Saturday June 21st: The top eight professionals will compete in the U.S. Pro Championship from 5 to 8 p.m. The overall winner will be determined by number of points, and competitors earn points by competing in six timed disciplines. Those disciplines include: hot saw, single buck, springboard chop, standing block chop, stock saw and underhand chop. Sunday June 22nd: The Collegiate Championship will take place from 2 to 6 p.m., and will feature the top six athletes. The athletes will compete in four disciplines: single buck, stock saw, standing block chop, and underhand chop. Once the U.S. Pro and Collegiate champions are crowned, the athletes will participate in a double elimination relay event. The professionals will have four athletes on each of the four teams, and they'll compete in the stock saw, underhand chop, single buck and standing block chop. The collegiate relay will have four teams with three athletes each, competing in stock saw, underhand chop and single buck.

The events feature top, noteworthy lumberjack athletes, including reigning U.S. champion Matt Cogar, who will look to defend his title. He'll have strong competition from his cousin, Arden Cogar, Jr., who earned second place last year. Popular athlete David Moses, multiple title-holder Mel Lentz, and many other talented competitors are also returning and will show fans why they're some of the best lumberjack athletes in the world. ABC will air the Championships in late September.

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