When members of the VisitNorfolk sales team attended a recent conference of association executives, they found a way to do some good while in Richmond to do some work. 

The attendees from Norfolk to the Virginia Society of Association Executives turned their conference booth into a train depot as a fun way to get their project on track.  Using the theme from “The Little Engine that Could,” Norfolk invited fellow attendees to bring books to their “station” for needy children in the area.

“It was great to see so many conference attendees step up and help the effort,” said Colleen Briley, a senior sales manager for VisitNorfolk and one of the “engineers” of the project.  “We also created mermaid bookmarks so attendees could write a personal note to the children who would benefit from the books.  That made it personal for them.”
When the Norfolk train left the conference station, many executives walked away with “Next Stop Norfolk” travel kits along with good feelings.  The VisitNorfolk group was able to make a donation of 50 children’s books to the local Head Start program.

PHOTO:  A conference attendee drops off a donated book to the VisitNorfolk Booth at the VSAE 2013 Educational Symposium and Expo in Norfolk.