20 March 2020

Explore Norfolk, VA Virtually

We may be confined to our homes, but exploring Norfolk is still possible thanks to the ingenuity of our wonderful partners! These virtual tours will help pass the time, and our hope is that these offerings will entertain, inspire and maybe even spark a new interest.

Push Comedy 

We could all use a good laugh during this strenuous time and lucky for you Push Comedy is here to make that happen. Push Comedy, Norfolk’s most beloved Comedy Theater has closed their doors for the time being, but are providing virtual giggles online. Follow along on their Facebook page for live streaming shows and online comedy courses you and your family can take.

Chrysler Museum 

Get inspired as you virtually wander the halls of the Chrysler Museum of Art. With fifty galleries and 30,000 objects to explore, you’ll be entertained for hours. Check out their digital collections which consist of European and American paintings, sculpture and decorative arts and works from African, ancient Egyptian, Pre-Columbian, Islamic and Asian cultures. Make a note of your favorite work of art so you can go see it in person once the museum reopens!

Virginia Zoo

The animals at the Virginia Zoo still need food and attention, so the Zoo Keepers are inviting you to join in on the fun. Get an up close and personal view of the animals as you join the staff on their Virtual Voyage every day at 2 p.m. on their Facebook Page. You can go behind the scenes, tour the Zoo and cure your curiosity with their animals, Zoo Keepers and Education staff.

Nauticus and the Battleship Wisconsin 

Each #WiskyWednesday the Battleship Wisconsin will be releasing a new series showcasing behind the scenes tours of never seen before spaces on the ship. Follow along with Keith Nitka, Battleship Operations Manager, as he teaches you the ins and outs of the Battleship Wisconsin.

Give the kiddos a break from their schoolwork and watch Nauticus’s daily educational videos. Learn interesting facts about sea creatures or watch a video on quick tips of sailing. Click here for all videos.

Coast DIY Bar

Get crafty with Coast as they live stream free classes on their Facebook Page. Sit back and relax with a glass of wine or follow along with your own materials as you learn to make fun items, like how to arrange a charcuterie board and more.

@geoff_kabaservice, Instagram

The Hermitage Museum and Gardens

Explore the twelve acres of the peaceful Hermitage gardens virtually any time! While the Hermitage ultimately decided to close the estate temporarily, they’ll be sharing their art and garden collections over the coming weeks here and on their Instagram. Follow along with us and other cultural institutions at #MuseumFromHome.

For more virtual tours and events please check our events calendar.

Perry Glass Studio

The Perry Glass Studio has provided fascinating glass blowing YouTube videos for everyone in the family to enjoy. Sit back and be mesmerized as the professionals create unique objects such as a monkey on pancakes dripping with syrup or a giant fish created by a mermaid. We personally recommend the “Hot Gumbo with Jimmy Vella” episode, where the glass team dresses in chef hats and aprons while creating glass to the beat of a live jazz band. Once everything settles down, these events will be continued in the future and occurs every third Thursday of the month.

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