What's on Tap

Local Breweries Tap

Bold Mariner Brewery

  • Bold Dominion, Pale Ale (Also Available in 6 packs)
  • Frogman, Lager (Also Available in 6 packs)
  • Dog Zebra, IPA (Also Available in 6 packs)
  • Red Maiden, Irish Red Ale
  • Middle Light, Lager
  • Scurvy Dog, Saison
  • Baja Coffee, Pale Ale
  • Lafayette French Lager
  • Expedition Brew: A new Expedition Brew comes out on the 3rd Thursday of every month, only one Keg Available.

Rip Rap Brewing

  • Breakwater, Cream Ale
  • Luffing Sail, Dry Hopped Sour
  • Cat O Nine Tails, Pepper Ale
  • Sea Chest, Saison / Farmhouse Ale
  • New Moon, Schwarzbier
  • Swivelshot, Smoke Porter
  • Spindrift, Session IPA
  • Steamship, IPA - New England
  • Keelhaul Aged In Bourbon Barrels, Imperial Red Ale
  • Akula Aged In Bourbon Barrels, Russian Imperial Stout
  • Ginger Beer, Non-Alcoholic
  • Coming soon: Running Rust, Red Ale – Irish

Coelacanth Brewery

  • Coelia, Rosemary Lemon Wheat
  • Coelia, Grapefruit Radler Radler
  • Enefkay, India Pale Lager
  • Kopimanis Latte Stout, Latte Stout
  • Passion Fruit Gose, Sour – Gose
  • Old Glory American Pale Lager [formerly Tailgate], American Pale Lager

Smartmouth Brewery

  • Alter Ego, Saison / Farmhouse Ale
  • Rule G, IPA – American
  • Murphy's Law, Red Ale - American Amber / Red
  • Safety Dance, Pilsner – German
  • Notch 9, IPA - Imperial / Double
  • Sommer Fling, Hefeweizen
  • Farmer's Tan, Saison / Farmhouse Ale
  • Alter(ed) Ego With Raspberries, Saison / Farmhouse Ale
  • Schmedium-ish, Pale Ale – American
  • Crowdsource, Gluten-Free
  • Wicked Awesome, Brown Ale – American

O’Connor Brewery

  • Green Can Golden Ale, Blonde/Golden Ale
  • El Guapo Agave IPA, IPA – American
  • ODIS Dry Irish Stout, Stout - Irish Dry
  • Red Nun Red Ale, Amber/Red Ale
  • Great Dismal Black IPA, IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale
  • Mexican Lage,r Lager – Pale (Seasonal)
  • Walk Off Kolsch, Kölsch (Seasonal)
  • Tart Tropic Ale, Golden Ale w/Passionfruit (Seasonal)
  • English Golden Summer Ale, Golden Ale (Seasonal)
  • Mojito Wit Beer w/Mint, Lime and Lactose, Wit/White Ale - Norfolk Collaboration (Seasonal)
  • Berliner Weisse, Sour German Wheat Beer (Seasonal)
  • Berliner Weisse w/Pink Guava, Sour German Wheat Beer (Seasonal)
  • Berliner Weisse w/Tart Cherry, Sour German Wheat Beer(Seasonal)
  • Ginger Lime Gose (Goes-Uh) w/Sea Salt, Sour Wheat Beer (Seasonal)
  • Kilauea Mango Saison, Belgian Farmhouse Ale (Seasonal)
  • Jasmine Saison w/ Honey, Belgian Farmhouse Ale (Seasonal)
  • India Pale Lager, Lager/IPA Hybrid (Seasonal)
  • Triple Dry-Hopped Norfolk Canyon Pale Ale, Hoppy Pale Ale (Seasonal)
  • S P Y H O P White IPA, IPA - Belgian/White (Seasonal)
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout, Stout – Other (Seasonal)
  • N.E.I.P.A New England IPA, IPA - New England (Seasonal)

Benchtop Brewery

  • Why the going face - Double IPA version of our Hazing Face Pale Ale
  • Lazy Stride – Double IPA Collab beer with Bond Brothers
  • Gong Theory - fermented Proven Theory Triple Dry Hopped IPA with their Norwegian yeast
  • Chapulin Exchange - Gose made with grasshoppers, chipotle peppers, & lime zest.
  • Soft Crash – Mosaic IPA
  • Trail of Dmitri – Tidewater Beet Kvass
  • Chelsea – Tidewater Grissette
  • Proven Theory – IPA

Bearded Bird Brewery

  • Angry Aly Amber Ale, Red Ale - American Amber / Red
  • Clean Cut Canary Cream Ale, Cream Ale
  • Early Bird Hazelnut Stout, Stout – American
  • Ginja Ninja Honey Ginge,r Saison / Farmhouse Ale
  • THE NEON IPA, IPA – American
  • Tripp'n On Berries Sour – Gose (Seasonal)
  • One Hot Belgian Pale Ale – Belgian (Seasonal)
  • Early Bird In Russian Stout - Russian Imperial (Seasonal)
  • Porchata Porter – Other (Seasonal)
  • The Hype, Pale Ale – American (Home brew Collaboration)
  • White Flag Cream Ale, Cream Ale (Home brew Collaboration)