Couples Therapy

You think your relationship has problems?!?

In Couples Therapy you'll meet a couple on the rocks... be it newlyweds on a honeymoon from hell or an elderly couple at the end of their rope.
Based on an audience suggestion, they take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions as they whisk you through the trials and tribulations of a couple they create right before your eyes.

Oh yeah, and they do it all in a single, 25 minute long improvised scene.

Two Improvisers... One Scene!!!

Couples Therapy... is sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant, always magical.

Couples Therapy
Friday, September 21st at 8pm
Tickets are $5

The Push Comedy Theater only has 99 seats, so we recommend you get your tickets in advance.

Free parking available behind Slone Chiropractic (111 W Virginia Beach) just one block from the theater. There is also limited parking on the street.

Couples Therapy