• Commune NFK
  • 759 Granby Street
  • Norfolk, VA
  • February 24-25, 2018
  • Recurring daily

The work of Nickolai Alexander Walko
Revealing the human body through tape and metal.

Walko uses human touch to lay each piece of tape, cut out each design, and shape the metal into works of art. Inspired by traditional artists of the Renaissance and beyond, each piece was created in a nontraditional manner, ultimately unmasking the underlying beauty of the human form.  This portrays the anatomical elements that make each of us alike. 

The black tape acts as a skin and the X-Acto knife, the scalpel.  Cutting into the skin unveils the anatomy beneath.  Juxtaposed with a skin-like quality, the metal sculptures fit around the body like a cast. Entering the mind of the viewer, the abstract pieces depict the psychological vision of a dream-like state.

These windows into the human mind and body expose the concealed qualities of mankind. While each of us carries the same elements underneath, we each grow and evolve in our own ways. The artist sees his own work doing the same. 

Public opening: Friday, January 19th from 6-10 at Commune. Exhibit runs through Sunday February 25.

Special Thanks:

  • Virginia Van Horn and the Governors School for the Arts for introducing me to new materials and always pushing me to try new things
  • Brother and Meredith Rutter for allowing this show to be possible through the Rutter Family Art Foundation
  • Kevin Jamison and the Commune family