Flight School In The Vault

  • Varia
  • 100 E Main Street
  • Norfolk, VA
  • August 21, 2019
  • 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Flight School is your ticket to first-class tastings. It is a fun and informative gathering of friends and foodies to experience good eats + drinks. In August, we will host inside of the “The Vault,” Varia’s exclusive, private dining room, hidden behind a revolving bookcase! There are different flight themes at each event. This month’s flight will offer four delicious meatballs inspired by different regions of Italy. Each meatball will be perfectly paired with a glass of wine hand-selected by Sommelier, Matthew Emborski. Executive Chef Fabio Capparelli and noted food personality Patrick Evans-Hylton, publisher of VirginiaEatsandDrinks.com, will be your trusted tour guides.
1. Varia (Calabria)
- Veal, Beef, Pork / Fresh Basil, Parsley, Oregano, Garlic


{Garnish - Whipped Imported Ricotta / Ricotta Salata / Fried Basil}

2. Lombardy
- Beef + Veal / Grana Padano / Parsley + Lemon + Nutmeg

Roasted Bone Marrow Marinara / Allspice / Cinnamon

{Garnish - Whipped Taleggio Cheese / Gremolata}

3. Sardinia
- Pork + Beef / Beet Greens / Parsley / Garlic / Pecorino

Saffron Tomato Sauce

{Garnish - Grated Bottarga + Lemon Zest}

4. Tuscany
- Beef + Prosciutto / Onion + Carrot + Parsley / Olive Oil + White Wine / Parmesan + Pecorino

Sugo Finto

{Garnish - Shaved Parmesan + Lemon}
Wine pairings selected by Sommelier, Matthew Emborski

Flight School In The Vault