Good Talk: The Brad McMurran Show

Get ready for a night of comedy from the Pushers' own Brad McMurran!

My Life in Comedy
This show is all about Brad's crazy antics with his life in comedy! His experience has certainly run the gamut. From performing in children's theatre, tv commercials, and a stint with stand up, to writing an off-Broadway hit, training in New York City at Upright Citizens Brigade, and finally opening a theater in the 757. 
You'll hear some of his best moments, as well as some of his most embarrassing nights on stage.

Good Talk is a one-man show starring Brad McMurran and focusing on McMurran's wildly popular Facebook posts.

Each month, Good Talk looks at the life and experiences of a sketch and improv comedian. Through storytelling, improv and mixed media, Brad will bring his Good Talk Facebook posts to life.

You'll see is struggles with bill collectors, relationships, alcohol, parents, opening a theater and just trying to act like an adult.

The show is going to be an unpredictable, wild and borderline-insane ride... just like Brad's life.

Good Talk: The Brad McMurran Show