Night School - Cocktail & Food Pairing Event

We're bringing back fan favorites this year and we figured we'd start with one of our all-time loved events making its return for the second time:

Night School.

This is a unique and delightful event created by Jonathon Reynolds that features cocktails (and mocktails) that he has dreamed up with specialty tinctures, infusions, and explorative flavors for this evening as the heat of the summer fades away into the coolness of autumn.

In the spirit of exceptional flavor journeys, we will be marrying these crafted spirits with foods curated by our head Chef, Alan, that aim to deepen the palate-exploring experience.

Cure will close for regular service at 7:30pm this evening and re-open with our Cure After Hours guest bartender event at 8:30 to the public until 11:30pm.

-no ticket purchase necessary.
Everything will be offered on a select menu.

[[ Jon is the head bartender at Alkaline where he creates
incredibly refreshing and approachable beverages to pair
beautifully with their menu. ]]

Night School - Cocktail & Food Pairing Event