TBA Productions Presents...

TBA Productions presets...

TV Girl (Los Angeles, CA)

"On the surface, TV Girl is a sunny, throwback splash of ‘60s French pop and southern California soul. Yet, under that shiny veneer lays a dark heart, beating with sharp wit and cynical alienation, and the music is all the more alluring for it.
TV Girl was formed in 2010 by Brad Petering as an outlet to blend the love of Spector-esque girl-group pop with an emerging interest in hip-hop. Featuring shimmering vocals and sampled beats, the self-titled debut EP of the same year turned heads online immediately; the group’s lush vintage rhythms and timeless pop hooks were even making waves on the BBC. Soon after, Jason Wyman joined the band and Wyatt Harmon rounded out the live show. They continued to release increasingly popular EPs and mixtapes between tours. In 2014, TV Girl unveiled their first full-length, the critically acclaimed French Exit.

The album keeps true to the TV Girl charm with a bevy of electronic samplings infused throughout light and airy guitars, whirring organs, and ethereal vocals. However, this record is not all summer nostalgia, and there are plenty of times where French Exit reads like disaffected fiction. The moody characters in these songs are fueled by revenge as often as love, underpinned by desperation and a deep yearning to connect.
Their 2016 follow up, Who Really Cares, finds the band doubling down on their heavy use of samples. Combining the aesthetic of 90’s hip hop with modern psychedelic pop, Who Really Cares offers a glimpse into the psyche of a love scorned twenty-something.”

Infinity Crush (Wilmington, NC)

"Although Infinity Crush’s Derrick Brandon and Caroline White only met about two years ago, they hit it off almost immediately. They became best friends quickly, and it wasn’t long before White began to integrate Brandon into her music. White wrote the majority of Warmth Equation – the first Infinity Crush release for Joy Void Recordings – solo before bringing in Brandon for guitar and keys to compliment White’s melodies, as well as Sam Ray (Teen Suicide, Ricky Eat Acid, Julia Brown) to contribute vocals and keyboards. In addition to taking immense influence from friends like Ray and Elvis Depressedly, White also credits Angel Olsen as an inspiration in the arrangement of her songs, and Alex G as a major player in making her think differently about crafting a melody." - Joy Void Recordings

Foxes in Fiction (Toronto, ON)

"At no point during Ontario Gothic does it sound like an album that would be subject to outside expectations, let alone hype. Foxes in Fiction’s second LP abounds with reverb-insulated synths, lo-res drums, Warren Hildebrand’s barely whispered vocals and little else; this is music for and by people who worry about waking up their roommates, not their neighbors. But as a man once said, the underground just spun around and did a 360. Hildebrand’s first Foxes In Fiction full-length, the 2010 release Swung From the Branches, was a charming bedroom databank of feverishly devout Atlas Sound worship with an even more endearing presentation; reeling from the death of his teenage brother, Hildebrand posted a story behind every one of its 22 tracks on his MySpace page. Four years later, Hildebrand's Bushwick-based "bedroom pop" cassette label Orchid Tapes, named after a Deerhunter song, has likewise been lauded by the internet-savvy for its presentation—a loose stylistic affiliation of extroverts making introverted art." - Pitchfork

DJ sets by Boisey


Charlie's American Cafe
4024 Granby St Norfolk, VA 23504
$12 presale // $15 day of show


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

This event is open to all ages

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Free city parking in the parking lot across the street from Charlie's beside MJ's Tavern, please do not park in the neighborhood behind the venue

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Email tbapeople@gmail.com

What's the refund policy?

No refunds unless event is unforeseeably cancelled without a makeup date

TBA Productions Presents...