The Lyrical Singer Songwriter Contest

WHRV and StarFire Festival present the first annual Lyrical Singer Songwriter Contest. There are so many talented songwriters in Virginia, and we want to hear your original music! A panel of trusted local songwriters and musicians will judge the top 10 entries at O'Connor Brewing on February 9, 2019. Entries will be judged based on lyrics and performance.

Apply at: or visit

Criteria for submission:

- Contestant must be 18 years or older
- Contestant must live in Virginia
- Must be original music, have lyrics and be less than 5 minutes long
- No full band performances - just you and the song!
- Record a video of you playing your song and upload it to YouTube
- Video must have the description "Lyrical Singer Songwriter Contest (and your name)"
- Include the link to your video in your application
- Must pay $15 entry fee (administrative with balance going to Hampton Roads charitable causes)

Winner Receives:

- An appearance on WHRV's Lyrical
- A main stage performance at StarFire Festival 3
- Recording time at Flagship Studios
- A free consultation with Rock Star Booking
- A handmade guitar by local luthier Sam Haga
- A $50 gift card to Russell's Music World


- Jonah Grinkewitz, songwriter/host of WHRV's Lyrical
-Skye Zentz, songwriter/educator at The Muse Writing Center
- Narissa Bond, songwriter/recording artist
- Logan Vath, songwriter/recording artist
- Nate Sacks, songwriter/winner of 2012 Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Contest
- Michael Magherefteh, musician/creator of StarFire Festival

The Lyrical Singer Songwriter Contest