• 2400 Hampton Blvd.
  • Norfolk, VA 23517
  • (757) 216-1745

We can brag about what we have to offer, and what you stand to gain, all day long, but you really need to see it for yourself. Come see what we take pride in doing and see what it is we can do to even the most complicated restorations. Tour our astoundingly large facility in which we repair, build, and create. We host a live on-site tour every Friday beginning at 3:00pm. Tours are a great way to get the feel of what it is to be here at FantomWorks. Please arrive by 2:45pm but no earlier then 2:30pm as the nature of our business and the extent of filming can create issues when guest arrive too early. To ensure that everyone enjoys the tour, we will limit tour groups to 40 people. The cost of the tour is $10 per person regardless of age. If we are at capacity and you must attend the tour that day, the charge will be $15, with overage limited to 10 people. The tour is first come, first serve. Have a car club? Large number of friends that love classic cars and memorabilia? Interested in having a separate group tour of the shop? Well then your in luck, due to the number of calls regarding this we have begun to schedule Wednesday 3pm tours for groups only. The minimum number of guest is 10 and must be set up at least 3 weeks in advance. Please contact us via our contact form found at the bottom of this page with the information. Special accommodations can be made for larger groups. Please note: We have a large Alpha female German Shepard, Heidi, that guards the grounds here at FantomWorks. She is great at her job and a third of the time she gets along with other dogs, a third of the time there are fights and occasionally visiting pets disappear. So, we love pets but please do not bring your pet to the tour as we cannot guarantee that Heidi will get along with them. (Please understand due to the amount of work we have with the vehicles and filming 5 days a week, we are just not able to escort people around the shop or have visitors every day. That is why we offer the tour on these days at 3:00 pm, we can not allow people to just walk around due to insurance purposes and that this is a real shop, not a set.)