We're not the only ones excited that you're coming to Norfolk. Your dedicated Convention Services Manager may provide a variety of options that alerts residents and local businesses that you're meeting or convention is here. Please let your CSM know if you would like more details on the variety of Community Awareness options we offer. We also understand that some of your meetings or conventions will need to remain confidential, we consider those needs as well. Just let us know!

Monthly Events Calendar

Monthly calendar of events provided digitally or in print for every meeting or convention. 

Monthly Hospitable Host 

Monthly calendar of meetings and conventions provided to local businesses, police, city planning officials and more. This calendar is often used to ensure your meeting or convention is considered from restaurant staffing to construction concerns. Confidential Groups are not listed on this document. 

Dignitary Welcome Letters

Your CSM can request a welcome letter from our CEO, Mayor of Norfolk, Governor of Virginia and more. 

City of Norfolk Liaison Services

The diligent Convention Services Department can provide you with contact information for almost every entity in the City of Norfolk. Please discuss your needs with your CSM. 

Voluntourism Assistance 

Are you looking to make an environmental impact in Norfolk while you're here? Check out our Voluntourism page for more details.