Taxi Cab Service

From Norfolk International Airport & Greyhound Bus Station

Taxi Cab service is available from Norfolk International Airport and the Greyhound Bus Station. Just pick up your bags from the baggage claim area – a friendly, informative driver will be waiting just outside to take you to your intended destination.

You’ll be glad to know that up to five passengers can ride for the price of one as long as they are going to the same destination. Payment may be made by cash, and in some instances credit cards and corporate charge accounts are available.

NCVB recommends calling individual cab companies for additional information.

The following companies serve the Norfolk area:

Andy’s Cab Co. (757) 461-8880; (866) 840-6573 (Toll-free)

Black and White (757) 855-4444

City Wide Cabs (757) 857-5950

Duke Cab Co. (757) 583-4079

East Side Cabs (757) 718-0937

Eden Cab Co. (757) 724-5555

Waterside Taxi Company Inc. 757-531-6430

Norfolk Checker (757) 855-3333

Oceanside Executive (757) 455-5996

Southside Cab Co. (757) 423-0154

Fares vary according to your destination. The average price from Norfolk International Airport to
Downtown Norfolk is $20 – 25.