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'90s/Early 2000s Pop Culture Trivia Night!

May 25 2022

Reaver NFK 3800 Colley Ave., Norfolk, VA 23508
Virginia Arts Festival, Reaver Beach Brewing NFK (Norfolk location), and Bar Trivia LIVE have come together to present 1990s/Early 2000s Pop Culture Trivia Night in honor of Virginia Arts Festival’s Williamsburg Live: Mandy Moore, live in concert on Friday June 17!
Bar Trivia LIVE’s Pop Culture Trivia games are made up of 20 questions broken into six “mini-rounds” of three questions each + one halftime question and one final question. In other words, it goes, 9 questions, then halftime, then 9 questions, then a final question.
We’ll ask you a question, and then play a song (usually a pretty awesome song, too). You get the time it takes that song to play (usually about 3.5 minutes) to write down your answer, team name and the amount of points you’re wagering and bring it up to the host.
The winning team members of the evening will each get a ticket to see Mandy Moore on Friday, June 17 on the Lawn of the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg!
More info on that performance here:
Read the rules on bar trivia LIVE’s website here:

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