Privacy Policy

VisitNorfolk has implemented this policy in an effort to demonstrate our strong commitment to online privacy. This policy details how we gather, use and protect the information that we collect from our Web site, located at This policy may change over time and will be effective when posted. Your continued use of this site following the posting of any amendment or change will constitute your acceptance of such change.

VisitNorfolk does not sell or rent any personal data you provide to us to any non-member third parties. We respect the privacy of users visiting our site and, except as otherwise set forth below or required by law, we will not share your personal data with anyone else. Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy. Our contact information appears below.


A cookie is a small text file generated by a Web site’s server and placed on a user’s hard drive. Cookies enable the site and your browser to interact in such a way that the site is able to present you with the most appropriate options and to customize services to your interests, based on your previous use of the Web site. For example, a cookie can be used to store registration information in an area of the site so that you do not need to re-enter it on subsequent visits to that area.

Because the early use of cookies to track users’ navigational habits were not disclosed to users, their use has raised privacy concerns. However, most Web sites now use cookies to improve your navigational experiences and save you time. VisitNorfolk may use cookies to store a user’s individual preferences and system parameters.

Use of Internet Protocol Address

We may use your Internet protocol (IP) address for several reasons: to help diagnose problems with our server, to administer our Web site, to help identify you and your shopping cart, and to gather broad demographic information.

Use of Registration Information

Our site's registration area requires customers to supply contact information, such as name and e-mail address, and demographic information, such as your ZIP code. We use this information to send you promotional materials from our organization and from some of our members and/or partners. However, users may Opt Out of — or Opt In to — these promotional e-mail messages at any time. (See Opt Out/Opt In, below.)

Use of Demographic Information

We collect demographic data from Google's interest-based advertising with Google Analytics and profile data that we use to tailor your experience at and related VisitNorfolk sites. Based on this information, we display content we feel might interest you. In addition the data is used for marketing purposes to enhance the site for optimal user experience.

Visitors can opt-out of Google Analytics for Display advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using the ads setting:

Use of Order Information

When you place an order or request information, VisitNorfolk may request information such as contact information, credit card number and demographic information. The contact information you provide is used to send you materials, updates, information and special offers from the VisitNorfolk and promotional material from our members and/or partners. You can Opt Out or Opt In at any time. (See Opt Out/Opt In, below.)

Your financial information is used for the sole purpose of billing you for products and services. Your demographic and profile data may be used to personalize future visits by displaying the content we feel would most interest you and for marketing purposes to enhance the site for optimal user experience.

Use of Online Survey Information

To participate in our online surveys, you may be required to supply demographic information. VisitNorfolk uses this data to send you information about the organization as well as special offers and updates from our members and/or partners. We might use this information to contact you as necessary. However, you may Opt Out of or Opt In to our mailings at any time. (See Opt Out/Opt In, below.) Demographic and profile data may be collected at our site and used to personalize future visits by displaying the content we feel would most interest you and for marketing purposes to enhance the site for optimal user experience.

Use of information Collected in Contests

To participate in our contests, you will be required to supply contact and demographic information. VisitNorfolk uses this data to send you information about the organization and to notify winners. We may use this information to contact you as necessary. However, you may Opt Out of or Opt In to our mailings at any time. If you Opt In to receive information, VisitNorfolk may share the data provided by you for the contest with its members who sponsor or otherwise contribute to such contests. (See Opt Out/Opt In, below.) Demographic and profile data are collected at our site and may be used to personalize future visits by displaying the content we feel you would most interest you.

Public Forums Guidelines

VisitNorfolk may offer chat rooms and bulletin boards. Please note that information that is disclosed in these arenas becomes public. Use caution in disclosing any personal information.


VisitNorfolk employs security measures to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information placed under our control. While there is no such thing as “perfect security” on the Internet, we will take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your personal information.

Opt Out/Opt In

VisitNorfolk allows users to Opt Out of receiving e-mail from our partners or us. To Opt Out of our mailing list you can send e-mail to a remove mailing list. Every email we send includes a link to Opt Out of future mailings.

Correct/Update Personal Information

VisitNorfolk allows you to change or modify your personal information by sending e-mail to a remove e-mail address or by visiting a designated customer service page.


This policy applies only to information collected while a user is on the VisitNorfolk Web site. This site contains links to other sites. VisitNorfolk is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these sites. Users are encouraged to read and become familiar with the privacy policies maintained by such other Web sites.

Information of Minors and Children

VisitNorfolk does not seek to collect information from children under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, please do not submit any information to us or ask us to e-mail you. If you are the parent or guardian of a person under the age of 18 who has provided information to us, please contact us and we will remove such information from our database.

Social Media

VisitNorfolk welcomes participation on our social media pages and encourages you to interact with us often and comment on the content we deliver. We do not discriminate against any views, but VisitNorfolk administrators do reserve the right to (but are not required to) delete, hide, or block users who post, comment, tag, or mention us in the following: 

* Obscenity, nudity, defamation, harassment, or hate speech 

* Threats to harm individuals, groups, or organizations 

* Commercial advertisements or solicitations that have not already been agreed upon by the user and VisitNorfolk 

* Infringements or violations of any party’s intellectual property or other proprietary rights 

* Endorsement or encouragement of illegal activities 

* Off-topic posts, incorrect or misleading information, spam, trolling, negative, and/or repetitive posts that are copied and pasted 

* Personal information, including but not limited to email addresses, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, photos of identifications cards, or identification numbers 

We expect those that interact with our pages to be respectful and constructive in what they add. 

Please be aware, that while administrators are monitoring our pages, we cannot immediately review every comment/tag/mention. Opinions expressed by anyone other than VisitNorfolk are not necessarily those of VisitNorfolk and its employees. VisitNorfolk cannot guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or truthfulness of these posts or force users to take them down. 

User Generated Hashtag Rights 

By using VisitNorfolk’s hashtag, #VisitNorfolkVa, and/or by replying to VisitNorfolk’s request to participate in their User Generated Content Hashtag Rights Program with the hashtag #yesnorfolk, you agree to these Terms and Conditions:

  • You are 18 years of age or older and have the legal right to enter into this agreement and grant any and all rights to your user generated content
  • You understand and agree that your content will be publicly displayed and it will not be treated in confidence
  • You provide VisitNorfolk with the right to use, edit, alter, modify, and/or share your content in any and all marketing, hospitality, advertising, commercial, or promotional platforms, including but not limited to, social media sites, emails, newsletters, slideshows, and print publications
  • You agree that you are solely responsible for your content
  • You understand that VisitNorfolk is not required to host, display, or distribute any content, and may remove content at any time and refuse content for any reason
  • You understand that VisitNorfolk is not responsible for any loss, theft, misuse, or damage of any kind to your content
  • Your content is wholly original and does not infringe on any intellectual property rights
  • You were not and will not be compensated for your content unless otherwise stated in a previous agreement with VisitNorfolk
  • Your content follows the VisitNorfolk Social Media Policy
  • VisitNorfolk will try its best to always give credit to user generated content when it is able, but is not required to do so