29 July 2021

Best Ways to Stay Fit at your Norfolk Convention

This is for the fitness fanatic who goes to conventions and doesn’t want to skip a beat in their workout routine, or for the convention attendee who’s just looking to move their legs after long days of sitting, eating and drinking a lot – we are a foodie city after all. Below you will find the best and most unique places to get your movement in for the day.

photo credit for above photo: @andrewjamescooperphoto, Instagram

Yoga Pop Ups

Maybe one of the most exciting ways to zen out during a conference is yoga. While yoga studios in Norfolk are aesthetically pleasing, yoga outside overlooking the water, on the beach or even on the Battleship Wisconsin make for a unique and exciting way to move your body – something you can’t experience at home! Check out our events calendar for the latest yoga happenings, locations vary throughout the year.

Elizabeth River Trail 

The Elizabeth River Trail, also known as the ERT, is Norfolk’s 10.5-mile-long walk and bikeable pathway that takes you through multiple neighborhoods with different waterfront views. Starting out in our thriving downtown, the trail winds you through a few historic neighborhoods and campuses and ends in the prestigious neighborhood of Lochhaven. The ERT is trickled with breweries and delicious restaurants along the way, and if you are not familiar with our city, it’s a great lookbook to a day in the life of a Norfolkian.

You can experience the ERT by bike, scooter or your own two feet. With Lime scooters scattered throughout the city, you can easily hop on and off the trail from just about any location. Renting bicycles at Pedego, located in Downtown Norfolk is also an option to explore and get your exercise in. Another great option for exercise along the ERT is the Plum Point Park obstacle course. The course is a full body workout; you’ll climb over walls, swing across monkey bars and jump over obstacles to really get those glutes working!  

Explore the Battleship Wisconsin

Working out is ideal during meeting trips but don’t we truly just strive to get our step count up? Not only will you be visiting an iconic Norfolk attraction when you explore the battleship, but your Fitbit reporting will be impressed with your elevations and amount of steps you log touring the vessel. Take on the ladderwells of seven decks’ worth of history and views on this 887-foot ship. 

Rock Climbing Gym

Head to Latitude Climbing Gym where you can rock climb, meditate through yoga classes and get your sweat on at a HIIT class in a fully equipped Rogue gym. We recommend purchasing a day pass while in Norfolk, it gives you unlimited access to rock-climbing, bouldering and yoga classes. 


Anyone up for an upper body sunset workout to end a long day of meetings? Sightsee along the Lafayette River with Norfolk Kayak Rentals. Being outside on one of Norfolk’s many waterways after being cooped up in a meeting room for hours is a preferred method of exercise.

Hotel Gyms

While hotel gyms may seem like the obvious choice of exercise but most mundane, certain properties have state-of-the-art gyms that overlook our iconic historic Granby Street and the Downtown Norfolk skyline, like the Glass Light Hotel. Or, enjoy a casual swim before a day full of presentations. Our hotels offer indoor and outdoor swimming pools, like the Marriott and the Main, which can help jump-start your morning and wake you up, or can help relax you after a long day of networking.

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