"The Girl Who Wore Freedom" Screening at MacArthur Memorial

June 6 2024

6:30 p.m.
MacArthur Memorial 198 Bank St., Norfolk, VA

On Thursday June 6, 2024, at 6:30 PM, the MacArthur Memorial will host a screening of the documentary film The Girl Who Wore Freedom to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Directed and produced by award winning filmmaker Christian Taylor, The Girl Who Wore Freedom explores how the French saw – and still remember – the bravery and heroism of the American GIs who landed on the beaches of Normandy to liberate France from the Nazi’s.

The film features interviews with French men and women who, as children, lived through the German occupation of Normandy and later welcomed American soldiers as liberators. One contributor is the film’s namesake, Danielle “Dany” Patrix Boucherie, whose mother made her a red, white, and blue dress from parachutes, so she could “wear freedom” to honor the Allied forces at the first D-Day commemoration. Through the childhood memories of Dany and others, The Girl Who Wore Freedom highlights the deep bond between generations of the French and their American liberators.

Sponsored by Gary & Debbie Bonnewell, this film screening is free and open to the public. Registration is encouraged. To register, please visit: https://macarthurmemorial.org/FormCenter/Subscriptions-4/The-Girl-Who-Wore-Freedom-Film-Screening-68.

About The MacArthur Memorial: The MacArthur Memorial was founded in 1964 as a museum and library dedicated to the life and times of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur. Today the MacArthur Memorial is an internationally recognized center for the study of military history, leadership, and diplomacy. The City of Norfolk operates the Memorial in close partnership with the nonprofit General Douglas MacArthur Foundation. The museum serves 100,000+ people annually and is open free of charge. For more information, please visit www.macarthurmemorial.org.

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