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The Price of Unpreparedness: POWs in the Philippines during World War 2 Exhibit

September 30 2023

10–11 a.m.
MacArthur Memorial Visitors Center 150 Bank St., Norfolk, VA 23510

On September 30th at 10 a.m., the MacArthur Memorial will unveil its compelling new exhibit, The Price of Unpreparedness: POWs in the Philippines during World War II. This exhibit illuminates a forgotten chapter of history, highlighting the harrowing experiences of 20,000 American and 70,000 Filipino personnel who were captured during a five-month campaign in 1942. Through a compelling collection of artifacts, photographs, personal accounts and interactive displays, visitors will gain insight into the unimaginable hardships endured by these prisoners of war and Allied civilians. This event offers a unique opportunity to pay tribute to their resilience and learn from the lessons of history.

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