Tourism Matters in Norfolk, VA

Tourists have a positive economic impact on our city.

The travel and tourism industry employs more than 8,000 Norfolkians in the city. We may not always realize it, but popular tourist spots like The Norfolk Botanical Garden, Nauticus and the Virginia Zoo, restaurants and even historic sites like the Hunter House Victorian Museum are the backbone of Norfolk. Additional travel industry businesses include public transportation like the Tide, lodging accommodations including Four Eleven York Inn and the Main, retail stores including those housed in Selden Market, art galleries like d'Art Center and museums as MacArthur Memorial all reap the benefits of tourism. These places are not only our neighbors and friends, but they also grow our local economy while giving visitors a lifetime of memories.

2021 Tourism Stats Info graph

Here at VisitNorfolk it is our goal to not only seek out the attention of tourists, but to promote Norfolk's unique experiences and expansive amenities to residents and visitors as the best city of its kind to start, study and stay. When people choose to visit Norfolk, they are single-handedly putting money into the pockets of our local farmers, artisans, restaurant businesses and more. It is important that we build trusting relationships between Norfolk residents and the entrepreneurs here to foster strong communal ties. We also want to inspire others to consider Norfolk as their new home. With residents come visitors, with visitors come dreamers.

Travel and Tourism Perspectives

We asked these industry leaders questions on how tourism plays a role in their everyday life so you can gain a first-hand perspective on how tourism plays a crucial role in our city. We are so excited to share the full power of our industry—and the strength and spirit of VisitNorfolk—this NTTW!