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Pushing Dragons: An Improvised Dungeons and Dragons Adventure

September 30 2022

8 PM-9:30 PM
Push Comedy Theater 763 Granby St, Norfolk, VA
Get Ready to be Transported to the World of Dungeons and Dragons… Push Comedy Style!
Pushing Dragons: An Improvised Dungeons and Dragons Adventure!
Yes, the Push Comedy Theater is playing Dungeons and Dragons. And you’re invited to watch and play along.
This is a live show where we take everything great about improv comedy and everything great about D&D and merge them together. Just like a Half-Elf (half human/half elf) or a Half-Orc (half human/half orc) or a Halfling (half human… wait that analogy really doesn’t work).
Members of the Push Comedy Theater will go on an improvised adventure, using stripped down D&D rules (5th edition). With the help of a giant, 20-sided die… you the audience will help determine the outcome.
There are 2 ways to get tickets. (**this show has been selling out, so we recommend getting tickets in advance)
You can either buy them in advance for $15.
Or you can get them at the door by rolling the Die of Fate +4. The Die of Fate is a 20sided die you will roll to determine your ticket price. That means you can pay as little as $5 for a ticket. Or as much as $24. Or you can skip the roll and just pay the normal $15… it’s up to you.
Pushing Dragons: An Improvised Dungeons and Dragons Adventure
Tickets are $15 in advance. $5-$24 at the door (the Die of Fate +4 will decide the price).
Whether you’re a die hard D&D fan or you just know about it from Stranger Things, this show will have something for everyone.

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