Women in Maritime Day

March 11 2024

10AM - 5PM
Nauticus 1 Waterside Drive info@nauticus.org Price: $12, includes access to the Museum and the Battleship
A Day to Celebrate the Remarkable Contributions of Women in Maritime!
Join us for a day of engaging presentations, workshops, immersive experiences, and hands-on programming from the women who do this important work each day.
From fearless sailors and skilled navigators to astute marine scientists and skilled shipbuilders, we will highlight the diverse roles women have played shaping the course of maritime history. This special day aims to inspire, educate, engage, and empower visitors, fostering a greater appreciation for the integral role women play in the world of seafaring. For more detail on the day’s events, follow this link: https://nauticus.org/events/women-in-maritime-day/
Women in Maritime Day will be on Saturday, March 16th and Nauticus will be offering $12 admission! Don’t forget members always visit the museum for FREE!
Want to become a member? Follow this link! https://nauticus.org/membership/


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