Virginia International Tattoo

It’s no secret Norfolk has a serious appreciation for our military; after all, Norfolk is home to the largest naval base in the world.  In 1997 Virginia Arts Festival presented the city with what has now become a staple to Norfolk’s performing arts scene: The Virginia International Tattoo.  Blending tradition and entertainment; including bagpipers, military bands, fife and drum corps, & drill teams are just some of the over 1,000 performers who come to Virginia once a year for the festival. 


Named the “Number One U.S. Destination for Travelers” by American Bus Association, the annual Virginia International Tattoo festival will be unified with the overall theme for the 2019 season: Celebrating Women in service to the Nation. For three hours prior to each performance of the Tattoo, Virginia International Tattoo Hullabaloo will open with extra drill performances, food, drinks, and photo ops on the Scope Plaza. Norfolk NATO Festival Parade of Nations will occur the Saturday of the Tattoo weekend and is celebrated as the only US parade to honor all 29 members of NATO. Don’t forget to stop by Town Point Park to see the Norfolk NATO Festival International Village and seize the opportunity to discover performances, art, food, and history directly after the Parade of Nations.

2020 Virginia International Tattoo Festival has been cancelled.

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