31 March 2023

Norfolk Bakeries Specializing in Wedding Cakes

One of the sweetest parts of a wedding day is, without a doubt, the cake! If you’re getting married in Norfolk, you’ll be pleased to know there are some top-notch bakery options right in our city that would be ideal for creating the confection of your dreams. From sinfully indulgent stacked layers to simple sweets for an intimate affair, here’s a look at Norfolk’s bakeries that specialize in wedding cakes. 

Bar-Q Desserts

Maybe you haven’t considered ordering your wedding cake from a barbecue joint. Maybe you should. Norfolk’s beloved Bar-Q (BARK), situated inside Bold Mariner Brewing in Ocean View, is known for their Southern blend of multi-regional-inspired barbecue, but they’re equally loved for their completely indulgent, out-of-the-box sweets selection from Bar-Q Desserts. They take custom orders for special occasions, including weddings, so get in touch to start a very sweet conversation. 

La Brioche

What started as a way for La Brioche owners Yvan and Jacqueline to bring memories of French bakeries to their new home in Norfolk has translated to some of the finest, most authentic treats around. Authenticity is a great quality to have in love and in baked goods, so it’s a good thing that La Brioche caters to special events. Contact them directly, and look forward to an elevated experience on your big day. 

Naas Bakery

IYKYK … and locals know that Naas Bakery doesn’t mess around when it comes to baked goods. The beloved, old-school bakery on Tidewater Drive is lauded for their doughnuts and apple fritters, which regularly sell out. They haven’t changed a lot over the years—probably because they don’t need to. As with their bakery items, the ladies here know their way around a wedding cake, so stop by and have a chat (just not on a Saturday morning when the early birds line up for a sugar rush).

POWnd Cakes By Jen

“We do wedding cakes just like we do anything else—the nontraditional way!” says Jen, Anglin, owner of POWnd Cakes by Jen. When the nontraditional way involves her moist and buttery pound cake confections, we say tradition is overrated anyhow. The melt-in-your-mouth texture of these cakes is practically indescribable and available in any flavor listed on their website, including macadamia white chocolate, turtle, butter pecan, lemon blueberry and caramel apple. “Our cakes are simple, elegant, old fashioned and delicious,” Anglin says. “They may not be the most glamorous, but they have a great personality.”

As for ease factor, POWnd Cakes by Jen transport very easily, and since these cakes stay moist and delicious for days, they can be picked up a day or two before the wedding.

Couples can opt for tiered POWnd cakes to mimic a layered wedding cake. (They don’t frost or decorate cakes, and trust us when we say the flavor and consistency speaks for itself.) Alternatively, some couples purchase the cakes in various flavors and sizes for a lovely and tempting display. And finally, there’s the option of giving a mini POWnd cake to each guest as a wedding favor. We can’t think of anything sweeter. 


You may know Stockpot for their healthy comfort foods and ramen Wednesdays. But did you also know that Rebecca Kelley, the fabulously talented baker at Stockpot, creates some of the most elegantly designed, sinfully delectable cakes in the city? “Becca is a wonderfully creative person,” says Stockpot General Manager Amber Kostka. “These type of events are her favorite because she gets to use her skills to make something unique for each couple.”

Some of their most popular wedding cake flavors are almond, raspberry almond, lemon, vanilla, vanilla almond, classic chocolate and red velvet, but the possibilities are endless. As far as frosting goes, traditional buttercream is preferred for the look and taste, but fondant can be used if the design calls for it. “We try to remain flexible to what the couple wants,” Kostka says. “Our baker is so talented, and she feels comfortable doing a version of almost anything.”

Want to try before you buy? Stockpot offers tastings for couples looking to sample different flavor options (4 flavor samples are $40). From there, if they decide to move forward with Stockpot for their cake, the restaurant deducts that cost from the final price. “We are competitively priced and truly care about the couple having a great cake for their big day,” Kostka says.

Tessa’s Creations

With over 30 years of experience Tessa (owner of Tessa’s creations) has brought her self-taught talent to Norfolk’s Ghent neighborhood to establish a bakery and catering business. Some of her popular cake flavors are orange, spice, dark chocolate, strawberry, lemon and coconut, but if you have something different in mind, just ask! When it comes to frosting, look for options like white chocolate, salted caramel or Italian buttercream and many more. Plus, vegan and gluten-free options are available upon request!

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