08 October 2022

Activities for Scouts in Norfolk

From discovering the history of Norfolk to connecting with zookeepers and taking action by snapping photos of local attractions, Norfolk, Virginia provides Scouts of all ages with opportunities for fun, adventure and enriched troop programs. Here are some enriching, educational and exciting activities for Scouts in Norfolk, Va.

Explore Norfolk

First, discover where Norfolk is on a map. Then, learn about Battleship Wisconsin, the largest and last battleship built by the Navy, and the world’s largest naval base, Naval Station Norfolk. Next, visit a few of Norfolk’s great attractions such as the Chrysler Museum of Art, home to over 30,000 objects or the Virginia Zoo, where over 700 animals call home. While you’re here, take pictures and create a scrapbook of your favorite moments.  

Nauticus and Battleship Wisconsin

Learn about local shipping in Norfolk’s harbor through Nauticus’ maritime discovery center. Visit one of Nauticus’ traveling exhibits and design a poster or PowerPoint presentation of some of the fascinating experiences learned.

Have you ever wanted to spend the night on a ship? Overnights aboard the Battleship Wisconsin are open to all Scouts. These unforgettable events are offered on various dates and are available for up to 142 guests. They include a one-day admission to Nauticus, an exclusive VIP tour of the battleship areas not open to the public, team building activities, an evening movie, sleeping in battleship berthing (beds) and a full hot breakfast in the morning.

Chrysler Museum of Art

Experience the history of art with a self-guided tour through one of Chrysler’s many exhibits. Across the street is the Perry Glass Studio where you can discover the art of glass. Watch live, free glassblowing demonstrations any Tuesday–Sunday from noon to 1 p.m., see the studio of a glassmaker and admire the blown glass on display. Connect with art by visiting the Egyptian Gallery and watch the video about the High King Psamtik-Seneb. Then, find a gallery host and ask them to show you what their iPad can do! Design a flyer and schedule of events and creating an exhibit your family and friends would love to attend.

Norfolk Botanical Garden

Enjoy a showing of “The Gift,” a short film about the local history behind Norfolk Botanical Garden at the Baker Hall Visitor Center. Then, stroll over to the Baker Perennial Garden to scout out plants and learn all about the necessities a plant needs in order to survive. End your discovery at the Friendship Pond. Legend has it if you hold hands with a friend as you walk around the pond, you will be friends forever! Explore the World of Wonders Children’s Adventure Garden and walk through Discovery Peak to locate 10 different crops available during the time of your visit. Research Virginia’s jobs within the wildlife or horticulture industries, or track how many steps you take in a day with a pedometer. Using the Norfolk Botanical Garden map, create a route that would satisfy this daily requirement and lead this walk for your troop, friends or family. 

U.S. Navy Pride

Norfolk is home to the world’s largest naval base, Naval Station Norfolk. Get a view of destroyers, cruisers, submarines, aircraft carriers and more during a two-hour tour aboard the Victory Rover. Choose a Navy ship in the U.S. fleet and research facts about the vessel. Invite a member of the U.S. Navy to come to talk to your troop to learn about their job, duties and everywhere they have been in the world.

Bike Norfolk

Learn about all the parts of the bike, hand signals, and traffic safety laws online (at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website) or at your local library. Plan a bike route through the app Map My Ride or by using a local map. Then, explore your new route with your family and take photos along the way to share with your friends. You could even attend or participate in a local bike race. Research the environmental impact of bikes versus cars.

Virginia Zoo

Chat with a zookeeper and learning about the many different tasks and duties that they do at the zoo. Explore the Zoo and discover the different habitats where animals live, watch animals’ natural behaviors and explore the many gardens. Connect with reptiles, amphibians and other animals that live in the World of Reptile building. Learn the diversity of reptiles and ways you can help them in your own backyard. Share what you learned with your loved ones by creating a brochure, video or poster or designing an animal habitat with shelter, food and enrichment programs.  

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