08 April 2021

Art Galleries in Norfolk, VA

Norfolk is vibrant and alive with world-class art museums, murals and public art pieces that decorate our neighborhoods. While there is no shortage of masterpieces, Norfolk is equally plentiful in talent when it comes to local art galleries. From watercolor canvas designs to contemporary modern art, we have multiple galleries worth exploring. Plus, local art makes for the perfect souvenir to hang on your wall at home to trigger your Norfolk memory. 

Offsite Gallery 

Located in downtown Norfolk and inside the MacArthur Mall, Offsite Gallery is a sleek white walled, beautifully lit gallery showcasing art of all kinds! Their exhibits rotate every six to 8 weeks! 


Located on 21st Street in Norfolk’s historic Ghent district, Lorrie Saunder’s ArtGallery specializes in the promotion and exhibition of contemporary art by both emerging and established artists. Focusing on solo and small group exhibitions, ArtGallery provides a place for artists to explore a diverse array of cultural and social issues that encourage thought-provoking discourse.

Gallerie Ukwensi

Owner and artist, Ukwensi Chappell, creates his art through a mixture of color, movement and texture. While he has other artist work on display, you can also find his unique pieces on display as well. His art represents the explosion of a newly born galaxy, the swirling of a whirlpool, the inside of geodes, gemstones, texture, nature and more!  

d’Art Center 

coastalvamag, Instagram

D’Art Center first opened its door in our city in 1986 and has been exhibiting talented artists ever since. It currently resides in the heart of the NEON District, Norfolk’s New Energy of Norfolk, and is located across the street from Norfolk’s world-renowned Chrysler Museum. D’Art is a nonprofit art gallery that provides both adult and youth art classes, on-site exhibitions, houses over 20 working artist studios and has regional and national art exhibits. You can purchase the artists work directly from the artists on site or click here for the d’Arts etsy shop

Gallery 21

@chri.stobos, Instagram

Owners Jim and Darlene Todd, were inspired to bring a high-end art experience to Coastal Virginia after visiting fine art galleries around the world. A budding Sumi-e artist, Jim was determined to create an outlet for talented artists across the region. Gallery 21’s mission is to connect local artists with the community through receptions and exhibitions that highlight local artistic talent. The gallery has featured a wide range of artists and art media, from modern acrylic and mixed media pieces to traditional watercolor and oil paintings. With its polished concrete floors, exposed brick walls and ever-changing curated exhibitions, Gallery 21 brings the high-end fine art experience to Coastal Virginia. 

Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries

The Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries exhibit works by nationally and internationally recognized self-taught artists, contemporary artists working in all media, and local and regional artists connected with Old Dominion University. While this gallery is close to the ODU campus, the exhibits are free and open to the public.

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