08 September 2022

Unique Group Shopping in Norfolk

There are many perks to traveling with a group, including amazing packages to take advantage of, complimentary planning services and overall the joy of gathering a bunch of like-minded people to experience someplace new. One of the misconceptions with group travel is that individuals won’t get to enjoy some of the activities typically geared to smaller parties, such as dining at a top-notch restaurant or shopping for a special gift or souvenir. Norfolk is an ideal destination for group tours because our locations for large gatherings are so unique, they’ll feel personally tailored to each individual. So, if you’ve got a group that loves to shop, here are some fabulous Norfolk shopping locales to visit.

Colley Avenue

Located in the adored neighborhood of Ghent, Colley Avenue is the place to go for supporting small businesses and scoring a truly one-of-a-kind find. Locally owned shops are scattered throughout four blocks along Colley Avenue. Kitsch features handmade jewelry, original art and prints from more than 100 regional makers, creatives, artists and crafters. Texture is a woman-owned and operated gift boutique with an ever-changing selection of housewares, jewelry, gifts for pet lovers and children’s/baby items. Less Than features eco-friendly products made from natural ingredients that are free from harsh, synthetic chemicals and stem from makers who are environmentally aware.

D’Art Center

What if you could visit a local art exhibition and then have the option of buying the incredible works of art on display? At D’Art Center, art lovers’ dreams will come true as items from the Center’s national juried show and solo show are available for sale. Purchases are available after exhibitions end, but guests can make it theirs right on the spot after viewing and falling in love with the various pieces. 

Norfolk Premium Outlets

Who doesn’t love a great deal? At Norfolk Premium Outlets, groups will have a grand time wandering from store to store scoring fabulous name brands at discount prices. Among the options are Coach, Gap, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and many others. Plus, with the popular Scandinavian shopping destination IKEA within less than five minutes, it’s easy to spend an entire day shopping and saving nearby.

Perry Glass Studio

Norfolk is growing in the world of glass art with multiple opportunities to view extraordinary pieces. If you’d like your group to experience Norfolk’s glass art in person, first you should read about the many experiences for group tours to enjoy glass art. Secondly, you should plan on taking them to the Perry Glass Studio’s gift shop where they can take home a remarkable piece of glasswork with them. From beautiful blown glass pitchers, decanters and wine glasses to tree ornaments and toppers, there’s something fantastically fragile for each person in the group.

Selden Market

This collaborative space in Downtown Norfolk features a rotating lineup of the city’s up-and-coming concepts in retail, plus food. Groups will enjoy perusing the many different stores to find items such as luxury scented soy candles and plants, modern jewelry, quality leather products and so much more.  

VisitNorfolk Mermaid Market

Come by our very own VisitNorfolk Visitors’ Center! Not only will you meet some friendly faces and gather some helpful information for navigating our fine city, but you can also leave with a piece of Norfolk with you. Our Mermaid Market welcomes groups to come explore our collection of mermaid wares—including shirts, ornaments, mugs and more—plus home goods, drink accessories, Norfolk novelties and Virginia-centric items.

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