Park Place


Handsome Biscuit - Sway

On 35th Street one may enjoy spectacular seafood at the Croaker’s Spot, delicious vegan cuisine at Jikoni’s, spoken word at the Venue, stylish apparel from Freshtopia, and cultural clothing from Shabazz. In the Historical Railroad District, one may find delicious toppings and creative dishes at Handsome Biscuit or Toast. Establishments such as O’Connors Brewing Company and Veil Brewing Co. offer palate refreshing beverages. On Colley avenue, Cagney’s Eatery features savory chicken wraps, and Equinox Coffee Company provides organic coffees and tea. One can also stop on Colonial Avenue, at Jabba’s for a scrumptious hot dog and more.

Railroad District

Railroad District - Sway

Norfolk’s emerging Railroad District is one steeped in the city’s history, and poised to play a large part in its future. Along the N&W Railway in Park Place, the district’s comprised of notable Norfolk breweries, eateries, repair shops and offices. It’s a place that captures the culture of our city.


The Greater Park Place is a diverse socio-economic neighborhood composed of four historical subdivisions: Kensington (1898), East Old Dominion Place (1890), Park Place (1896), and Virginia Place (1899). Park Place is traversed by some of Norfolk's major thoroughfares which will take you to art sites, downtown, universities, the Naval base and the Historical neighborhoods of Colonial Place, Ghent, Lamberts Point, and Villa Heights. Visit the neighborhoods of Park Place where history is valued, culture is celebrated, diversity is a strength, and family-friendly fun awaits.

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