Ghent is filled with character, culture and delicious cuisine. Its main thoroughfares of Colley Avenue and 21st Street are lined with eclectic eateries, unique shops, art galleries and antique stores.

Quick Facts:

Founded: 1890

VIBE: Historic and quaint 

KNOWN FOR: The Hague, Doumars ice cream cone, 21st Street eateries and the Naro

Get Outside

Not only is Ghent the perfect place to shop and eat, it is also a great place to be outside on the water. Rent a Hydrobike from Hund’s Re-Cycle and Hydro Factory or grab a kayak rental from Norfolk Kayaks for a day of fun on the Hague.

Best Ways to Get Around


While Ghent is a compact neighborhood, head to 21st street for the best walkability.

Rentable Bikes and Scooter and Bike Share Programs

Rent bikes from Pedego's Downtown location or look for Lime scooters and bikes.

Car Services

Ride sharing programs and Taxis

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