Ocean View and East Beach

The relaxing beachside communities of Ocean View and East Beach are the perfect place to unwind with fresh seafood, sand and sun!

Kayaking, sailing, fishing, crabbing, swimming or simply watching the waves roll in Ocean View and East Beach are a beach lovers paradise. The City of Norfolk maintains three beach parks including the Community Beach Park, Sarah Constant Beach Park and Ocean View Beach Park, and hosts live music and various festivals on the beach. 

Did you know? The Ocean View Fishing Pier is the longest free-standing fishing pier in North America! The pier also has an open-air rooftop restaurant overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.

Quick Tips:


VIBE: Coastal, laid back and beachy

KNOWN FOR: Ocean View Fishing Pier, fresh seafood, paddle boarding and boating


The area’s unique history dates back hundreds of years and is full of interesting discoveries. Ocean View’s Willoughby Spit, and independent peninsula originally inhabited by the Willoughby Family, has been a favorite Norfolk marvel since it first appeared as a result of a mid- 1600’s hurricane. Where there once had been only water now lies a serene strip of land created by Mother Nature. Past times at the beaches, neighborhood, and commercial districts of Ocean View are lovingly preserved and shared in collections of memorabilia, images and oral histories at the Ocean View Station Museum.

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